Development of the Sword Bayonet

Early bayonets for the Baker rifle were designed as short swords. It follows that bayonets in the 95th Rifles would be termed “swords”, and the regular infantry command of “fix bayonets” was changed for riflemen to “fix swords”.

Between 1800 and 1837, there were four differing patterns of bayonets issued for the Baker rifle. The first, known as “Pattern 1800” was a sword bayonet with a flat blade of 23 inches long, one and one quarter inches wide by one quarter inch thick at the hilt. It was double-edged for about six inches at the spear shaped point. The hilt measured four and one quarter inches and had a squared off corner where the knucklebow met the crossguard. A cord hole was drilled through the pommel. The knucklebow had weak points at the extremities, causing its obsolescence the following year.