Half of the Regiments in the Service are trying to persuade you to Enlist:
But there is ONE MORE to COME YET !!!

youngrecruitsThe 95th; or,
The only regiment of RIFLEMEN in the service:
THINK then, and CHOOSE, Whether you will enter into a Battalion Regiment,
or prefer being a RIFLEMAN,
The first of all Services in the British Army.

In this distinguished service you will carry a Rifle no heavier than a Fowling-Piece. You will knock down your Enemy at Five Hundred Yards, instead of missing him at Fifty. Your Clothing is GREEN; and needs no cleaning but a Brush. Those men who have been in a RIFLE COMPANY can best tell you the comfort of a GREEN JACKET.


On Service, your Post is always the Post of Honour, and your Quarters the best in the Army; for you have the first of everything; and at Home you are sure of Respect – because a BRITISH RIFLEMAN always makes himself Respectable.
The RIFLE SERJEANTS are to be found anywhere, and have orders to Treat their Friends gallantly every where.
If you Enlist, and afterwards wish you had been a RIFLEMAN, do not say you were not asked, for you can BLAME NOBODY BUT YOURSELF.

GOD SAVE the KING! and his Rifle Regiment!


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