Mont De Lancey

Mont De Lancey is an historic rural homestead on the hills near Melbourne. The property was originally settled by the De Lancey family – one of the family was a staff officer with Wellington until he was, sadly, killed in action at Waterloo. The property now includes the original farmhouse, a museum and a smithy. On a weekend close to Bastille Day, the management hosts a Napoleonic camp and battle re-enactment.

Mont De Lancey is a relatively new event but it is definitely the best Napoleonic battle re-enactment in Australia and shows great potential. The management and re-enactment groups are working together to make the most out of the opportunities provided by the site.

The July 2000 event include a battery of cannons, battlefield pyrotechnics, over 70 re-enactors and a spectator gallery beyond management’s expectations.

Re-enactors included:

  • 95th (Rifle) Regiment,
  • 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, 
  • 21eme Regiment de Ligne, 
  • 30eme Regiment de Ligne, 
  • Ruppertswood Battery (2 guns), 
  • 40th Regiment of Foot (Somerset), 
  • French 1st Hussars, 
  • The Historical Re-enactment Society of Australia (1 Gun),
  • Blue and Greys and other eras provided additional French.

The event provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the strong Napoleonic re-enactment scene in Victoria in charming surroundings.