On Campaign – The Rifleman’s Experience

For a weekend each year, the 2/95th recreates the experiences that riflemen would encounter on campaign.

This includes marches with full equipment, camping in the open, cooking meals typical of the Napoleonic era, skirmishing in fields and woodlands (both require very different tactics), and target practice.

Each rifleman carries as nearly as possible the basic equipment and utensils used in 1809-15 – that means no matches, no tinned food (although Napoleon sponsored the invention of tinned food), no tents, no stretchers, no plastic, no synthetics. But the Rifleman’s kit has proved surprisingly effective – light enough and sufficient for the task.

This is a relatively new event for the 95th, and we are still experimenting with the format. Nevertheless, while time, safety and group fitness bound what is possible, the rifleman’s experience weekend goes a long way to showing both the efficiency and limitations of Rifle companies in the field. It is one of the most satisfying events in our calendar.

The event is held on a private property in northern Victoria – the support of the owner is gratefully acknowledged.