Kitting Up & Quartermaster Stores

Having decided to join the Rifles you will naturally want to acquire your rifle green uniform and full kit as soon as possible. To assist the new member, we have a Quartermaster Store stocking many of the basic items and accoutrements. The Quartermaster should be consulted prior to making any new purchases of equipment, and most certainly prior to tailoring your uniform.

To ensure uniforms are of a consistent dye lot, we have bulk purchased the woollen cloth – both rifle green and the black facing material. This material has been obtained at most reasonable bulk prices and the savings are passed directly back to riflemen. The Quartermaster will also assist with professional tailoring arrangements, thus you are assured of a correctly fitting and regulation cut uniform.

The complete Rifleman’s kit consists of numerous small items from a diverse range of suppliers. Many can be home-made by the hobby craftsman. Where items are not held in store, the Quartermaster can direct new members to established, reliable suppliers. He can also supply accurate drawings and advice for those do-it-yourself items. Baker rifle and sword orders may take several months, and should be a priority arrangement. We have a spare Baker available for those awaiting delivery of their own rifle.

For the ladies, we have a comprehensive “95th Rifles Ladies Handbook.” This volume contains advice on clothing styles of the period, fashions, footwear, jewellery and accessories. Ladies can dress to complement the military status of their man, whether officer, rank or ordinary rifleman. Period style dressmaking contacts are available. This information is now also available on-line

It can take some months to put together a full uniform, accoutrements and kit. We do not expect anyone to arrive fully equipped for their first drill day. Many existing members have taken over twelve months to put it all together. However experience has indicated a preferred order in which to procure your kit. Items required for Parade are the first priority: –


Waist Belt
Black shoes
Bread Bag
Water Bottle
Bullet Pouch
Cartridge Box
Powder Horn
Forage Cap
Baker Rifle
Sword Bayonet
Sword Frog
Trotter Pack
Mess Tin
Gun Tools
Great Coat
Undress Fatigues
Personal Items
Period Items
Soldier’s boots

New members who do not hold a “Shooters Licence” should attend to this requirement as soon as possible. In most Australian states it is a relatively simple procedure. On process of your license application form you receive an appointment to attend a safety-training course, followed by a basic test. It is common sense regulation but can take a few weeks to complete. Contact your local Police Station for details.

Taylor-shoes-300Prospective and/or new members should not be afraid to attend drill sessions with little or no kit. You will be welcomed into the ranks immediately and soon a regular rifleman. A little borrowed equipment could have you participating fully in events in very short order.

A comprehensive drill manual is available, plus we have a short video from which you can learn the basic drill in the comfort of your lounge room.

Our Quartermaster is Corporal Adrian Roads. Quartermaster

Don’t forget we are family orientated – see our photo gallery. There are wonderful new skills to learn, many pleasurable leisure hours to spend getting your kit together, innumerable fascinating antique shoppes to be scoured for genuine Napoleonic period items, and then French Columns to be confounded!

The Fighting 95th – the first into the field and the last out!