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bookcover_RiflemanMilitary Illustrated’s


By Philipp Elliot-Wright






By Stuart Reid
Published by Military Illustrated Books, London.

Richly illustrated with dramatic artwork by leading military illustrators, colour reconstructions of weapons and equipment – including new research and fresh perspectives. A4 format colour hardbacks, 144pp.
UK retail price £18.99

Comment: Rifleman is a “coffee table” style book but provides a comprehensive review of British riflemen of the Napoleonic era. It is an excellent “one stop shop”, and is available from specialist military book shops in Australia.

For Re-enactors

bookcover_TheNapoleonicSoldierThe Napoleonic Soldier

By Stephen E Maughan
Published by The Crowood Press, 1999.

Latest release from The Crowood Press. A must purchase for living history re-enactors. This beautiful book has hundreds of colour photos of re-enactors in splendid uniforms. Stephen Maughan is noted for his excellent Napoleonic titles.



Powder and Ball Small Arms

Live Firing Classic Military Weapons in colour photographs
By Martin Pegler – Senior Curator, The Royal Armouries.
Published by The Crowood Press, 1998.

290 excellent photos, mostly in colour, sequences showing handling, loading and live firing with ball ammunition, period uniforms, historic weapons.


bookcover_KincaidAdventures in the Rifle Brigade

by Capt. John Kincaid
First published in 1830, edition depicted republished in 1997 by Leo Cooper.

Kincaid’s Classic of Military Life with the 2nd 95th in the Peninsula, France and the Netherlands from 1809 to 1815.


bookcover_ABritishRiflemanA British Rifleman

by Major George Simmons
Greenhill Books, Napoleonic Library Series #3

This edition 1986. The Letters and Journal of the daily experiences of a young officer who joined the 95th in 1810 and fought with Picton at Waterloo.


bookcover_RiflemanHarrisThe Recollections of Rifleman Harris

Budget publication by The Windrush Press, 1998 reprint.

The vivid story of Rfn Harris of the 95th, a fighting soldier in the Napoleonic Wars, as told to Henry Curling.



Budget priced

bookcover_TheRoyalGreenJacketsThe Royal Green Jackets

Osprey – Men-At-Arms Series.

General history of Green Jackets, includes some colour plates, mostly black & white prints. Published 1975 by Osprey Publishing. Typical of this extensive series.




The Years of the Sword, by Elizabeth Longford.

A more contemporary autobiography written in 1969 describing the life of Wellington. This edition well researched by noted historian Elizabeth Longford, published in 1996 by Smithmark Publishers.




Napoleon Bonaparte

by Alan Schom, author of “One Hundred Days” and “Trafalgar”.
Published 1997 by HarperCollins

A contemporary and wonderfully readable biography in one complete volume. Available in soft-cover, cost saver edition.

The above titles are generally available off the shelf from all good military bookshops.